SMSC and Fundamental Values

Collective Worship template policy Collective Worship/Assemblies guidance SMSC and Fundamental Values Toolkit

 Religion and Worldviews (RE)

Believing and Belonging Local Agreed Syllabus Faith Visits Directory Tameside Faith Visits Directory (W Yorks) How to access the Hub and units on Kirklees Business Solutions RE Resources Hub information

 Guidance and Policies

Guidance on school visits and visitors for RE Voices and Viewpoints: Perspectives from members of faith communities on RSHE RE Policy Managing withdrawal from RE

RE Resources Hub samples

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Appreciating Different Faiths LGBT equality checklist Equality Act Checklist for Schools

 Educational Visits

Ashton Central Mosque - Student Booklet Ashton Central Mosque - Student Presentation Guru Gobind Singh Ji Gudwara - Student Presentation Guru Gobind Singh Ji Gurdwara - Student Booklet Manchester Buddhist Centre - Student Presentation Manchester Buddhist Centre- Student Booklet Shree Bharatiya Mandal - Student Booklet Shree Bharatiya Mandal - Student Presentation St Michael's and All Angels - Student Booklet St Michael's and All Saints- Student Presentation Whitefield Hebrew Congregation - Student Presentation Whitfield Hebrew Congregation - Student Booklet


How do Muslims remember God?

Maysoon talks about Muslim greetings and then explains how Muslims remember God by praying 5 times a day.

Muslim Lifestyle

Maysoon talks about the Muslim lifestyle and codes of conduct as part of the faith. 

Holy Communion

Rev. Neil explains the process and symbolism of one of the most distinctive rituals in Christianity.


Hannah explains Humanism for Inter-faith Week!

Tameside Schools Welcome Presentation Video

Easter Window Dewsbury

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