Pennine Learning is a specialist team with many years of educational experience at primary and secondary level. We work with teachers, pupils and communities, delivering training, consultancy and producing resources for  schools, local authorities and others. Our key areas are:

  • Religious Education (Religion and Worldviews)
  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC) and Fundamental Values
  • Equality
  • School Governance

Our work is based on an ethos of public service, local understanding and unrivalled expertise in our core areas. We are grateful for the consistently excellent feedback on our work. The Wild Goose logo not only reflects the great north of England where we are proud to live and work; it’s also an ancient symbol of freedom, exploration and independence, values that lie at the heart of education, especially our core work. Our vision is to ensure education broadens horizons, stretches minds and builds bridges. 


Meet the Team

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Ian Ross

Cross Phase RE, Equalities and Governance

Ian is from a primary school background as a teacher, senior leader and deputy headteacher. He has held a wide range of curriculum responsibilities in over 30 years of teaching. He enjoys working with staff and children in school as an ITT tutor, governor and as an experienced trainer. Ian specialises in working with SACRE, governors and primary school leaders. Ian is the professional advisor to Calderdale, Kirklees and Sefton SACREs.

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Alastair Ross

Cross Phase RE, Equalities and Governance

Alastair trained as a secondary teacher in 2000, soon becoming head of RE and an advanced skills teacher and later, associate senior leader. He widened his work to include training and consultancy in RE, SMSC and equality at a regional and national level.

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Helen Rivers

Primary RE, Education and Faith Project, Leeds SACRE

Helen is primary school teacher in Huddersfield. She teaches part time and spends the rest of the week working as an RE consultant in Leeds and managing Kirklees Education and Faith project. In her spare time she enjoys reading and volunteering in her local community. Helen is the professional advisor to Leeds SACRE.

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Jake Womack

Secondary RE and Oldham SACRE

Jake is a high performing practitioner of Religious studies with a several years' experience as a Head of Department. He is an examiner for AQA and coordinates the Secondary RE Network for Kirklees, Calderdale and Leeds. Jake is the professional advisor to Oldham SACRE.

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Liam Spencer

Tameside SACRE and Equalities

Liam is an assistant headteacher for KS3 behaviour and progress. A keen advocate of trauma informed teaching, Liam is the school EDI lead and is responsible for implementing diversity strategies specialising in LGBTQ+, ethnicity and gender inclusion. Liam is also a secondary Religious Studies and PSHE/RSE teacher, having previously held the post of Head of Department, where he developed a strong knowledge of curriculum design and a passion for school improvement. Liam is the professional advisor to Tameside SACRE.



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